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On January 25, 2008, ZackTheMacGeek was created in a small home office as a school project. Little did tech geek Zack, who was trying to find like-minded individuals through the power of the internet, realize that his site would be featured on Forbes, popular YouTube Channels, and amass tens of thousands in just a few short months of visitors every month.

For fun, you can see precisely what ZackTheMacGeek.com looked like at Way Back Machine – Internet Archive.

After several years of hiatus, we’ve brought ZackTheMacGeek back online under a new, shorter, and user-friendly name ZTMG. Our goal is the same as it was in 2008. That is to create a community for nerds and geeks to connect, learn about the latest tech, find reliable guides and tutorials, and gain a sense of community with other like-minded individuals. ZTMG is accepting to all, and we strive to bring unique, entertaining, and educational content to the universe.

Our Mission

👨🏽‍💻 Help people become confident using technology
🌟 Provide leading, honest, user-center reviews with personality
🥳 Build a safe, inclusive, learning and entertaining community

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