WEN Pokemon on Veve? A digital technologist’s expert opinion

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Since VeVe’s debut launch, its fans have expressed their heart’s desire for Pokemon NFTs to be released. Like a California wildfire, tweets race to leadership’s AMA’s, burn on every update, and seize the attention in the discord channel. So when will Pokemon be released on VeVe? How will it be released on VeVe? This article explores that mystery from a digital technologist’s expert perspective. 


I believe Pokemon will be released on VeVe once the platform is stable enough to support Pokemon’s millions of fans. But its release may not be how you imagine it to be. While VeVe is a digital collectible NFT business; leaders have spoken about a future of new channels like VeVeVerse and gaming products. 

Features VeVe needs before a Pokemon Debut

  • Master Collector Program
  • Money Transfer License
  • Know Your Customer
  • Web-version of VeVe App

Uptime, Downtime, Server Reliability

To date, the VeVe app supports customers in collecting NFTs from digital figures to comic books and more. However, on drop days, VeVe struggles to keep the app running in its entirety. For example, on more significant drops, the marketplace place is closed to help sustain the app’s uptime and avoid downtime or crashing/going offline. 

For VeVe to launch new business channels like the VeVeVerse and gaming products, the servers need to be stable enough to keep everything running smoothly, even on drop days. 

I highly doubt Pokemon will be released until the servers are stable enough. 


Now I believe Pokemon’s drop will be in an industry-first way for digital collectibles, perhaps an external app collaboration with Pokemon Go or a gaming feature. 

The innovation path is essential for ECOMI/VeVe to go down because it allows the company to bypass server issues, redesign and develop the VeVe app, and avoid excessive time costs or delays. Here’s how I envision Pokemon’s debut on VeVe. 

  1. OMI Open Ecosystem 
  2. Third-Party Integration: Integration with Pokemon Go and or a Pokemon Game independent of the VeVe App like a Pokemon card game, Nintendo Switch games 
  3. Pokemon NFTs on VeVe App in the form of figures and digital animated Pokemon cards

OMI Open Ecosystem 

ECOMI opens OMI utility and usage to Veve Partners / Third Parties allowing the token to power games, apps, and tools outside the VeVe app. This interoperability expands the OMI burn utility and increases the adoption of OMI.

For this to work, ECOMI will most likely have a fee or tax that generates the third party revenue when using OMI. Something similar to the royalty fee one pays when an NFT sells on the marketplace. 

Third-Party Integration: Pokemon Go and Pokemon Metaverse

Imagine opening up a game on your Nintendo Switch, connecting your OMI wallet, and having the ability to transfer in NFTs, tokens, and accessories. This concept can apply to just about any app, game, or business that wants to be involved with NFTs or NFT gaming. 

This feature will allow OMI to integrate with Pokemon Go and the Pokemon Metaverse apps. As a result, they give players an experience like none before—an actual utility for collecting and trading from one platform to another. 

Pokemon Figure NFTs and Pokemon Digital Card Game

Now, this is a tricky, mind-boggling question. It’s tough because these products: Pokemon Figure NFTs and Pokemon Digital Cards NFTs, can independently be bought, sold, and traded on third-party apps theoretically. 

If ECOMI Open Ecosystem (I made this up) becomes a reality and Pokemon wants to create an AR/VR animated digital card game app, why wouldn’t they do so? 

If this is the case, I believe the digital Pokemon cards will be available for purchase on the Pokemon Card Game app, and special edition collectible cards will drop on VeVe. A true partnership between the two companies. 

Pokemon Figure NFTs, if compatible with Pokemon Go and or Pokemon Metaverse, will have the ability to be bought on VeVe and transferred to the Pokemon apps. In addition, it would be exciting if Pokemon Go or Pokemon Metaverse hid special VeVe Pokemon NFTs for players to discover.  

If found, a user could transfer the NFT to the Veve app to store or sell on the marketplace. 

How wild is that to think about being a reality?

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