Cryosleep: Your Health Restoring Anti-Aging Future of Sleep. Thanks, NASA.

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In the future, thanks to cryosleep, the lifespan of an average human will have increased by decades. The need for oral supplements, Botox, and fillers to combat the signs of aging, and sleep aid, is an archaic need of the past. Likewise, sleeping on a mattress, skin exposed to natural air and toxins, is a health nightmare. As a result, the mattress industry has been disrupted to improve life quality and longevity. 

So why do I believe mattresses and sleeping with pets and partners will become a thing of the past?

Let’s start with a story…

The Story of Cryosleep

“Good morning, it’s 6:00 a.m. time to wake up.” Your cryosleep pod begins initiating your wake phase.

You feel the cool air on your body begin to warm, and a warm golden light shines upon you. Your cryosleep pod informs you of your sleep stats and health treatments as you begin to awake from your anesthetic-induced, frozen sleep. 

“You had 100% quality sleep last night, received 1000% of your daily vitamins, and received a skin moisturizing and nutrient treatment. How do you feel this morning?” 

After analyzing your soft, moisturized skin and determining you feel full of life, hydrated, and energized for the day, you respond with, “wonderful, thank you.”

The cryosleep pod begins to decompress, and the lid opens, allowing you to rise and get a move on with your day.

As you step out of your pod, you greet your partner, who has also woken up.

Your dog emerges from its doggy cryogenic pod cheerful as can be. 

Everyone in your household is energized, happy, and radiating with positive, healthy energy. 

Mattress a thing of the past

This is the future of sleep, my friends. Out with mattresses and in with health-restoring, anti-aging cryogenic sleep pods — cryosleep! 

Mattresses, in one form or another, have been around for centuries. As a result, providing a world of challenges for quality sleep, skin health, and overall physical and mental health. Furthermore, people resort to health supplements, sleep aids, and anti-aging procedures to band-aid what is really causing their physical and cognitive issues. In my opinion, this is not sustainable.

These are why sci-fi books and movies portray cryogenic sleep pods in their futuristic societies. 

So when will these life-extending, health amplifying sleep pods become a reality? We might be closer to reality than you think… Thanks to NASA, the organization is already credited with making sleep better through its invention of memory foam

NASA and SpaceWorks are developing a cryogenic sleep chamber 

NASA and SpaceWorks have been developing a cryogenic sleep chamber for over a decade to make long-term space travel less harmful and more efficient. While completely freezing someone and bringing them back to life is still only possible in sci-fi movies, there have been giant leaps in innovation. The “Sleep your way to Mars” torpor-inducing transfer habitat for human stasis is a reality. 

The system features the ability to:

  • Facilitate advanced hypothermia therapy reducing core body temperature to 10 degrees F while reducing the metabolic rate by 50-70%
  • Cool through non-invasive pads and ambient temperature reduction with a warm-up cycle
  • Sedation to block and suppress shiver reflexes and all bodily movement 
  • Provide nutrition and hydration – total parenteral nutrition containing all vitamins, amino acids, and minerals needed for sustainment of life

NASA and SpaceWorks still have a couple of critical medical and architectural challenges to solve, like emergency wake protocol and questions to answer like what happens to organs after long-term sedation. 

However, since this project has been around for a tenth of a century and is being publicly marketed, it is a safe bet to say that cryogenic sleep will become a reality. And when it does, it’s a safe bet to say it will be commercially available, just like memory foam. 

How cryosleep will benefit you?

Imagine cryosleep pod is fully available with nutrient support, skin treatments, and deep-freeze sleep. This would immediately impact anti-aging, health from complete nutrition, and increase your lifespan. 

Hours of life preserved

Each night that you utilize the cryogenic sleep pod, you accumulate at least eight hours of life preservation, totaling 2,950 anti-aging hours per year. 

8 hours per night x 365 days per year = 2,950 cryogenic anti-aging hours

That means your body has stopped aging for 121.6 days out of the year (2,950 hours / 24 hours in a day)! 

To determine how many extra years of life you would benefit from cryogenic sleep, we need to determine when a person can start using cryogenic sleep. For example, is this something children can use? Or does an individual need to be an adult (18 years of age) to begin utilization? This will be an essential topic for our future society to discuss and answer. 

We will say that you need to be 18 years old to use cryogenic sleep for fun. In this case, the average lifespan of a human in the USA is 77 years of age. With this said, you would have 59 available years available to use the cryogenic sleep pod. This would equal 19.8 years more of life to live, which doesn’t even consider the benefits of proper nutrition and hydration.

59 years x 2,950 cryogenic anti-aging hours = 174,050 cryogenic anti-aging hours

174,050 / 24 hours per day = 7252.0833 days 

7,252.0833 / 365 days per year = 19.868 years 

Live long and prosper

In this scenario, you would be able to live to the age of 97 without considering any other variables. So it’s safe to say cryogenic sleep can give people the ability to live well into their 100s. Now, combine cryosleep with a mind drive. You’ll be able to remember every memory and experience throughout your entire lifespan. How wild is that?

I don’t know about you, but I might not miss my dog hogging the bed, waking up with a dry mouth in need of hydration, a snoring partner, and the list goes on and on.

Can you imagine the price tag on one of these? Would you want one? Let’s discuss!

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