Tomorrowland Festival Creates NFT Masterpieces with Holder Utility


The Tomorrowland musical festival has created a magical collection of NFTs that are pure masterpieces dubbed “A Letter from the Universe.” 

These NFTs are far beyond a scribble saved as a GIF and come with a real-life utility for holders—the NTFs drop on the FTX exchange on March 26th, 2022

The listing price for an individual NFT is 3 SOL. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tomorrowland’s NFTs are designed with the utmost attention to detail because the designer, @BC_Trevor, previously from VeVe Digital Collectibles, is part of the design team. 

Trevor led the creative direction for hundreds of NFTs for brands like Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Network, and more. 

Tomorrowland’s Winter NFT line – The Quest

A collection of 6,500 SOL minted NFTs designed with animation, sounds, and psychedelic effects. They are nothing short of a life-changing experience one would experience at a Tomorrowland festival. 

Tomorrowland promises holders will be the first to experience the unimaginable and access exclusive utility benefits. 

Holder Utility 

Currently listed on Tomorrowland’s NFT website, with a promise of more benefits to come. Tomorrowland states, “Be the first to embark on a magical journey to a new universe of exclusive events and rewards, both digital and physical.”

  1. Secret gigs – starting at Tomorrowland Winter
  2. Airdrops and allowlist for future collection
  3. Raffle for “Ultimate Tomorrowland 2022 Experience”
  4. Raffle for “Skip the Line” benefits at events
  5. Access to exclusive fashion
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