iOS 14 Public Beta 5 Release: Known Bugs


August 18th, 2020 Apple released IOS 14 Beta 5 to public testers. While the update has come with a tremendous amount of bug fixes and new features like: 

  1. Ability to hide the Hidden photo albums
  2. Ability to remove photos from featured images in widgets
  3. New hybrid time picker
  4. Extra-large News widget view
  5. Background color compliments album artwork in the Music app
  6. Faster Mail app with fixes to SMTP mail

We have encountered a few bugs that may be cumbersome to users that result in the iPhone device crashing and rebooting.

Discovered Bugs:

  1. Taking photos on Instagram results in the device restarting 
  2. Watching Youtube App for a duration (in our experience 10 minutes+) results in the device restarting 
  3. iMessage loads with a black screen and results in the device restarting 
  4. The phone randomly restarts when entering passcode
  5. The phone just keeps crashing

We have not confirmed if the beta update to the software is the issue of whether it’s the Youtube and Instagram apps specifically. However, it’s important to note that if you are attempting to take photos your phone may crash. If photography is important to you, you may want to hold off on upgrading to the iOS 14 Beta 5. 

While this is not a new bug, users have reported problems with the camera app flickering and having difficulty taking pictures, it’s disappointing to see that photography hasn’t been a priority and resolved at this state in iOS 14. Apple’s biggest selling point for the high-end iPhone Pro’s has been the exemplary camera quality. 

Apple has been following the standard scrum process and delivering updates consistently every two weeks. We hope to see the camera back in full power before the launch of the iOS 14 public. 

Do you have iOS5 beta on your phone? If so, how has your experience been with the update? Have you experienced similar bugs or anything we haven’t? If so, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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