Youtuber invents mask-launcher to attach masks to maskless faces

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Until just a few days ago, Allen Pan was simply another YouTube celebrity. He started his inventions channel on March 27, 2015, and has earned over 160 million views on his videos. Now… Pan’s being featured on mainstream media for his latest invention – a mask shooting gun. 

His channel Sufficiently Advanced, which focuses on homemade inventions like “Hulk Hands that actually crush things,” has just over 1 million subscribers. According to SocialBlade, Allen Pan jumped over the 1 million subscriber mark this week due to his latest viral mask shooting gun YouTube video.

Yes, you read that right. 

Allen invented a mask shooting gun. Why? Well, he says in the video he created the launcher to help bring awareness to healthcare and to also show support of the Second Amendment. 

“This is not a world of fact anymore. This is a world of opinion and emotion. And if there’s one thing that coronavirus protesters care about, it’s the Second Amendment. Guns.”

So how did he create this mask launching gun and how does it work? He used an 800 PSI canister that is connected to four metal pipes that hold the mask strings which have metal magnets in place. Additionally, the mask has a double-sided tape that sticks to an individual’s faces (if targeted correctly) and a laser for aiming. Once launched, the magnets wrap around the back of the target’s head, and with the support of the double-sided tape, it’s held in place. 

Allen Pan tests his mask launcher on a dummy

Miraculously, his invention worked. Well, it’s a numbers game. Pan states that it’s a million in one chance (jokingly). Pan then took his invention to Huntington Beach, which is known nationwide to be an anti-mask town in Southern California. He jokes that he brought his running shoes to incase of, you know, racists he could encounter while testing out his invention on anti-maskers. 

Surprisingly, he was encouraged to keep working on his invention when it was having issues and misfires. Beach-goers even volunteered to be in the video and try shooting the mask launching gun themselves. 

In a pandemic world, it’s encouraging to see people using their skills and knowledge to make new inventions. Even if it’s a humorous mask shooting gun. The world needs a but if laughter now and then and we thank Allen for brightening people’s days. 

Keep up the good work, we subscribed! Have you? 

Mask Launching Gun – Allen Pan

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