6 Steps to Setting Up a Blazing Fast Web Server for $6 a month!


Interested in learning how to set up your very own WordPress web server? Perhaps one that costs just $6 a month and can handle upwards of a million page views? Then this is the tutorial for you!

Keep in mind, the amount of traffic your server can handle depends solely on the kind of content you are delivering to your audience. For example:

  • If you plan on delivering mostly image and text-based content, then your server can handle millions of views.
  • If you are serving up videos and large files, then you’ll need to advance your server architecture with cloud delivery for content.

This tutorial focuses on setting up a WordPress web server for the first option: lightweight images & content, commerce site, and general business website.

Enjoy the video tutorial and I hope you take away some major insights! If you need help in any way please leave a comment below.

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